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Law Firm Name: Donaldson & Weston

Phone Number: 239-510-9009

Address: 3949 Evans Avenue, Suite 205, Fort Myers, FL 33901


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Definition – No Fees Unless You Win

*No charges if no compensation is recovered. Fees are calculated prior to deducting expenses from the recovery. Statements such as “We don’t get paid until you get paid” or similar expressions exclusively pertain to the fees levied by the attorney. Clients are generally responsible for court costs and additional expenses associated with legal proceedings. Contingent attorneys’ fees exclusively refer to the fees imposed by attorneys for their legal services and are not applicable to all case types.

[1] The outcome achieved by the lawyer or law firm in one particular case does not guarantee similar results for other clients. Presented verdicts, awards, and overall recoveries are expressed as gross figures, excluding attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.

[2] Legal matters are managed by an attorney at the law firm named at the top of this page, primarily practicing from the office noted at the top of this page.